Adrift™ is a Labor™ production curated by Andy Weaverling.

For the last 30+ years, I have chased pretty much anything that swims.  I’ve fished from the Yucatan Peninsula to Alaska, but the vast majority of my time has been spent in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa. While the methods I employ and species I target can drift over time, the passion for which I pursue the sport does not.

I live in Minneapolis and regularly fish the rivers and lakes of Minnesota and Wisconsin, with a special fondness for the city lakes of Minneapolis and the trout streams of the Driftless region. You may have crossed paths with me online under the handle “Minnphatts.” I am a branding, marketing, and advertising professional. I’ve had the distinct pleasure of developing communications and shooting photography for many of the world’s finest fishing brands through my company Labor. My fly fishing work has been featured in American Angler, North American FishermanThis is Fly and Orvis News amongst others.


Tight lines,