I Ran over to Plum Creek for some brookie fishing with Jack, my 4-year old son on Friday. Fished downstream near the water treatment plant. Upstream of this stretch were massive piles of rip rap for the yet to be “improved” section (sorry I forget to snap in pics). We pulled a few fish out of each of the first few holes on Panther Martin spinners. I didn’t get any pics of the fish because as we were setting up to shoot the first decent fish, Jack decided he didn’t want to hold the fish for pictures after it flipped out of his hands and scared him. After 45 minutes I heard the fateful words to end this chapter of our outing, Dad I’ve got to go poop! These are the normal issues that you deal with when taking a younger angler out, it was no big deal to us, it was still pretty hot out so we decided to go get ice cream and look at the trout pond in Plum City. If anyone is looking to camp streamside, there is camping available at American Legion Park just by the baseball field where you enter this pasture stretch.


We drove back to the Gas Lite Campground just south of Hwy 10 on the Trimbelle River. While it isn’t the most scenic spot just off of the highway it does provide good access to the stream for kid fishing.

The pool under the bridge is one of the better looking pools and we put our tent up about 50 feet from this promising looking spot.


It was just too hot out still so we opted to go back for a campfire and some dusk fishing back around the campground.


Picked up a few standard sized browns fishing 6-8am the next morning on PM’s.


Stopped by this easement section on the upper Trimbelle off of County Rd W, but looked too weedy for a 4-year old. It’s been on my to-do list for awhile and I’ll give it a shot at some point. I’m sure it rarely gets fished just like the rest of the Trimbelle. Twin cities anglers pass it up regularly for the superior water of the Rush 5 miles to the west.


We finished the trip at Lunds hardware to pick up a few PM’s and flies. I’m sure the spin guys will appreciate my son’s choice of spinners over flies, while standing in the fly aisle! The fishing wasn’t spectacular, but we didn’t care, we had a good trip nevertheless!