You ever have one of those trips where nothing seems to go right? This weekend was my turn to be Clark Griswold taking the family to Wisconsin Dells for my wife’s family reunion.

The original plan was to venture a bit further away from the waterslide capital of the world to do a bit of early A.M. trouting on a few streams, but opted to hit the less promising Dell Creek only a 5 minute drive from where we were staying at Christmas Mountain. I had a full day of activities planned, so I figured I’d spend what little time I had fishing as opposed to driving.


This is my first time fishing one of the “Sand County” streams, and they definitely provide a unique challenge compared to your typical Driftless stream. Upon first glance Dell Creek appears to be shallow, featureless and all sand bottom. It’s almost like fishing in one of the waterslides that the Dells is famous for.


I didn’t have high expectations for Dell Creek in either numbers or size, I thought I might even get a few stocker rainbows. The second pool of the morning proved that there are a few decent fish. I got two 8″ish brookies and this solid fella on the PM!


Out of nowhere lightning and thunder came from the west behind a treeline and I was forced to make a dash back to my car. I really enjoy fishing in the rain for some reason, but trout aren’t worth dying over. A cool double rainbow made an appearance right in the middle of the lightning show. I woke up thinking I’d be fishing, but instead I sat and watched the fireworks display.


I decided to drive towards the Dells to search for some coffee, which put me at the McDonald’s drive thru by WalMart. This is exactly the outdoors experience I had hoped for.