School starts on Monday, so yesterday I decided I’d pile the youngsters in the car in search of trout and other trouble. I had been meaning to get deeper into Pierce county this summer, but hadn’t really made it.

Our first stop (not including Dairy Queen in Ellsworth) was a quick stop to pay our respects to the mighty Rush River. I’ve never really looked at the water right at Hwy 10. Not terribly deep or interesting but I worked the riffle just upstream with a PM with no success. I’ve always wondered what the deal is with the campground that is immediately upstream of 10? It seems to be well maintained, mowed, a porta-potty every 15 feet, fairly large, but no signage.

Jack was mostly interesting in finishing his ice cream cone, and his new best friend, Mr. Caterpillar.


I choose the American Legion Park in Plum City to camp. I’ve grown fond of these small rural parks. They don’t have all of the new, politically correct playground equipment, but are usually well maintained and this park is about 100 feet away from prime brookie water.


After we got our camp setup we went to take a look at the 10th fairway. (The freshly minted habitat improvement work on Plum Creek through town).


One of the challenges faced with a 4-year old and 7-year old is easy access, especially this time of year with tall weeds. I got more that I bargained for on this stretch. The fish hadn’t gotten the message yet, this plunge pool was nice, deep and devoid of fish. Worms, spinners, flies, nada!


Right next to the park is an awesome pasture section. Fairly easy going, and the cattle weren’t around. After a brief tour the fish continued to hit my dropper worm the fly rod, and a Panther Martin, but I quit taking photos after I inadvertently offered my camera lens cap to Plum Creek. The kids were growing bored, so we retreated to our campsite.


What brookies lack in size, they more than make up for in coloration.


We spent the prime dusk fishing time about 100 feet from the stream on the playground. Ahhh the sacrifices we make for our children! It was an unbelievable sunset.


The campfire, hot dogs and s’mores were enjoyed by all!


We woke up Saturday morning to light drizzle. Packed up our campsite and heading northward to Elmwood in search of breakfast. If you find yourself in Elmwood, Big Dick’s Bar and Grill serves up a mean breakfast! With our stomachs full we opted to pop in on a few spots on the Eau Galle and Cady Creek. The meadow sections of the Cady Creek easements looked to weedy for the kids so we went up to the wooded section. After some fishing the kids threw rocks and wet waded.


The kids played and dad made a few casts. Solid fish were found in surprisingly close proximity to the rock throwing contest.


A new tradition has emerged. Jack asks to go to the Lund’s Fishing/Hardware in River Falls. He tells Ava, “it’s awesome.” Not sure which he prefers, hardware or fishing gear? I like both.