I Started the morning optimistically before dawn on a pasture section of Black Earth Creek with the fly rod. This was the first of many stops on my attempt to tour the streams of the greater Madison area on a half day outing. Threw a mouse just for fun in the dark until it was light enough to read the water, as I’d never fished this stretch before. I switched to a streamer and managed a number of hookups with no fish landed. The water was slightly muddy with the recent rains. I decided the night before that I was going to run and gun to cover a lot of water, so headed back towards the car to move on to the next stream.


To rub salt into my wound, on the way out I was harassed by a pair of red-winged blackbirds living in the small birdhouse on the right. I’ve never experienced this before. They continually swooped down a my head passing inches from my ears. This went on for 5 minutes until I had to stop casting and leave the spot I was fishing. I assume BEC local have to contend with this on a regular basis.


I stopped by the next stream determined to wipe the skunk away. This little stream has a bunch of fresh HI work done on it, and resembled chocolate milk. I wasn’t really planning to fish it, so I only fished for about 15 minutes. I proceeded in that short time to hook and lose 4-5 fish and decided to move on. This stream will be explored with greater detail on my next visit ro the area.


Upon arrival on the next chocolate milk colored stream I noticed I was being watched intently by this doe. I would find out why a short time later when a fawn the size of a golden retriever about knocked me over when I scared it. Kind of a cool experience!


I finished the day on the slightly to very muddy Mt Vernon and caught a few brookies, and missed many more on the fly rod. This was one of those outings where things just didn’t go well from a fishing standpoint, and the water conditions didn’t help. I probably landed 10% of the fish I hooked on PM’s and flies. I can’t complain though, Dane County is a nice area and it was good to be out!