Fished for an hour or two late morning for brookies. The bite was decent and the water was low (big surprise) I got most of my fish on a large bead-head pheasant tail fishing under and indicator and a few on a small brown bugger. I have done very little nymphing under an indicator this season so I thought I’d give it a shot.


I call this shot “Headless Horseman” I got a lot of poor photos of this fish, he was squirming non-stop!


My plan was to spend the afternoon scouting some new water on Palisades Creek that I’d mapped out earlier this season for big browns, but hadn’t gotten a chance to explore. After finding some dead water on the sections I though might be good, I stumbled on to a small/tight stretch of water that held a few good fish and a few dinks. This water is definitely worthy of further investigation next season!

When trying to net the big fish of the day on a bugger, I took a step along the bank into one the “invisible” side channels or depressions that are buried under the weeds. It caused me to cartwheel head first into the stream. Managed to net the fish while swimming in the tiny stream. Instantly I realized that my waders were full of water. My iphone was only in my pocket and not in the waterproof case that I normally put it in. I jumped out and quickly reached in my pocket, which was filled with water, and rescued my phone. I think that’s why I got so many poor/blurry photos, my phone was still pretty damp and my brain was still spinning from the excitement of the catch and the subsequent dunk! It made for a very soggy afternoon. Unfortunately a visit to the Apple store was in order, these are the last shots from my trusty iphone R.I.P.