For those who haven’t studied their geography map of Wisconsin lately, Waukesha County is suburban Milwaukee. I have family in the area and get there fairly frequently (including this weekend). In my 12 years of visiting there I’ve always bypassed the local stream trout water because I’ve been told by everyone I’ve chatted with that it isn’t worth your time. It’s almost as if it doesn’t exist. You have to drive westward an hour and a half to the beloved Driftless region.


There’s no question this probably isn’t the kind of fishing destination you are going to drive hours to check out. It took a bit of prospecting and bushwhacking on a few streams to find some decent spots. Almost all were marked with No Trespassing signs, so it was wet feet the entire way.


But there are fish there, and they eat things (like my PM spinner). I think these are naturally reproducing browns, no stocking that I could find.


There are not 5,000 trout per mile here.


I don’t think these trout see many lures and I saw no evidence of other fisherman (trails/footprints, fishing line, garbage etc). If I lived near here I’d fish it, and I will again! It was strangely rewarding to fish marginal, non-destination water. It reminded me of fishing as a kid. I grew up fishing in places that no one in there right mind would travel to.

Maybe I’ve spent too much of my adult life traveling all over the place chasing fish, when sometimes the most enjoyable fishing is right in your own backyard?