for George Floyd


We are designing posters, murals and thought-provoking street art in support of justice for George Floyd. It is an attempt to lift up the people, residents and friends in our community, while driving dialogue around issues of race, and ultimately supporting the next generation of Minneapolis artists. We’re giving out the posters for free to any folks that want them, but demand has been higher than expected. Many people have asked if they can purchase or contribute to get a poster. We’ve been spreading them around Minneapolis during the day, and handing them out most evenings at our house. Our next poster distribution time is Friday, 6/19, from 5:00-7:00, contact us for the address.

If you want to make a donation, please use my wife’s Venmo: @Jennifer-Weaverling. Proceeds will go to a charitable cause here in Minneapolis. We are looking to create a scholarship to honor George Floyd. The scholarship would be awarded to a Minneapolis High School student interested in pursuing a career in art and design. We are also reviewing other non-profit alternatives in support of justice here in Minneapolis at this time. Also please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions in regards to this project. We’ve been posting some pics to the mpls_4_justice Instagram account.


Here’s a link to get a PDF via Dropbox of the poster graphics, if you’d like to print and/or distribute yourself.

You’ve gotta “see it” to believe it. Download our “George Floyd Ave.” sign, or click here to sign the petition to change Chicago Ave. to George Floyd Ave. Check it out on Fox9 News or many other media outlets.

Download Labor’s “THERE IS A LINE YOU DO NOT CROSS” Police tape


Listen to Penumbra Theatre’s Sarah Bellamy and other leaders discuss “How to be a white ally and practice anti-racism” with Angela Davis on MPR.

Learn about the shameful history of racism in the city of Minneapolis by watching TPT’s groundbreaking documentary “Jim Crow North” or check out the Mapping Prejudice website.


Non-profit organizations and causes that we’re fond of:

Du Nord Riot Recovery Fund

Penumbra Theatre

Pillsbury United Communities

Black Visions Collective

Northside Funders Group

An evolving gallery of our work can be seen below:

A gallery of our work in Minneapolis:

Some terrific new work seen on “Chicago” soon to be George Floyd Avenue, that went lightly viral, and was picked up by many media outlets and high profile social media accounts:


A selection of our work in the media:



Reader Comments (6)

  1. Bethany Holloway said:

    Hello. I saw your posters on utility posts near the George Floyd memorial on Chicago. Just winding if I could please pick up some of them for my friends hair salon windows which is located near Uptown??

  2. Susan Anderson said:

    I would love the pdf so I can print and distribute flyers. Thanks you!

  3. Aimee Boone said:

    Thank you Andy!!

  4. Donnie Jones said:

    Really love and want one of the Michelle Obama posters. We are not a business, just a community member. Will you have that one available? We can even wait awhile, just really want one for our kid to have as a reminder of the revolution that began when he was 7. Happy to pay for it of course.

  5. Kara Parker said:

    Thank you for sharing these so our neighborhood can show their support.

  6. Sophie Munholland said:

    These are beautiful. We are decided on which one. Also my husband is looking for a poster seen in many locations with a front facing portrait of Mr Floyd. Did you create that version also? Do you know where we could get one of those too?

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