Ooozing with Goodness

Sure doughnuts may not be the most healthy choice for breakfast, and are wholly inappropriate for high end culinary inspiration, but there’s no questioning their appeal. I’ve always been partial the Krispy Kreme variety (amongst others). I love the textural quality of the freshly fried dough dipped in sugary goodness.

It’s with this in mind, that we approached a new round of business cards for our long time compatriots at Cooks of Crocus Hill. I’ve often joked with Cooks for years that I’ve designed everything imaginable for them except business cards.

The idea of thermography  had been on “the list” for awhile, just sitting there waiting for the right opportunity. In my book thermography gets a bad rap, often being associated with the cheap and “undesigned” handouts from the ubiquitous small businesses of the world. The “creative types” often go for the beautiful and passe qualities of letterpress or screen printing. For the Cooks cards we wanted a thick field of thermonuclear love.

I wanted these bad boys to look like they’d been dipped in the dip cone tank at DQ, though they look eerily like a square of Neopolitan just begging for the scoop. Is that such a bad thing? There’s nothing quite like the decision when staring down the open box, do you go Chocolate or Strawberry? Forget the Vanilla in the middle, it’s not a real flavor it’s just white space.

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