Ride it High, Rub it On

The end all be all of the hoity toity world of fly fishing is the dry fly. For the uninitiated, this is the quintessential methodology to subdue a rising trout. An often overlooked piece of this delicious puzzle is that of the fly dressing or floatant. Few advancements have been made in floatants in many moons. The category is inundated with a brand attitude and product assortment on par with wart removers. That’s where High Horse Fly Dressing kicks into high gear. HH helps your fly ride high in the water column with the added accoutrements such as UV, or scent infusion. In a sport where the participants have the darndest reputation for taking themselves, and their pursuit a bit too seriously, we’re proud to have engineered a new brand from the ground up. So step on up to your High Horse and rub it on!

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