Simply better, by design.

For over 10 years we’ve worked closely with our friends at KING to provide support for everything from tradeshows to retail packaging, videos and brand development. KING is an industry leader in mobile electronics, with an expertise in developing products for DIRECTV, DISH, and over-the-air television. They had been selling outdoor TV antennas on their website directly through a wholesaler, which meant that the product was shipped from an overseas factory, but never appeared in any retail locations. They asked us to assist with strategy, naming and brand development. Which ultimately resulted in a product packaging that takes a fresh approach to the TV antenna market. We came up with the short, friendly and memorable brand name “JACK”, and the tagline “TV for Free”. We also developed packaging that is consumer-friendly, in a category where most competing products are marketed with lots of technical mumbo jumbo that is often overwhelming and confusing to many consumers. The result was a coup for KING in the mobile television market where the name JACK is now an industry leader. Next time you are on a road trip, take a look on top of almost any RV vehicle, and you’ll likely see the signature shape of a JACK TV antenna,  providing TV for anywhere life takes you.

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